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HVAC Asset Services

With a focus on compliant, well-communicated service delivery and proven systems and processes, Austen Building Group (ABG) offers an integrated technical services approach through its HVAC services.

Our HVAC team collaborates closely with clients to establish effective proactive maintenance schedules and reactive maintenance plans. Equipped with the necessary capability and capacity, we provide a comprehensive HVAC solution, spanning routine servicing to refurbishments and renewals.

Our Comprehensive Solution

Our licensing permits us to undertake, oversee, and certify a wide array of HVAC system components, including:

  • Split systems
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers and pumps
  • DX (Direct Expansion)
  • AHUs (Air Handling Units)
  • MSSBs (Main Switchboard Systems)
  • VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume), VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow)
  • Ventilation and Fire Control systems
  • CRACS (Computer Room Air Conditioning Services)
  • Package units, Ducted systems

Integrated Service Advantage

Integrating HVAC services into our wider facilities offering brings holistic support to our customers. Through a centralised knowledge point, ABG can assist with flexible and scalable HVAC solutions all whilst consolidating information to prepare for future asset servicing requirements.

Through proactive asset servicing via preventative and corrective maintenance, we mitigate the need for potentially costly repairs, thus maximising asset and equipment lifespan. By choosing Austen Building Group for HVAC and mechanical services, clients benefit from enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime.

Our meticulous processes and procedures ensure that customers receive quality services, with safety standing as our utmost priority. In conjunction with this, our in-house team of experts have extensive experience in managing and maintaining critical assets and are well versed in your HVAC needs and requirements.

Quality & Workmanship

Austen Building Group operates within ‘Austen Integrated Management System’ – AIMS for short. This ensures we handle matters pertaining to quality, environmental risk and occupational health and safety quickly and efficiently. Our quality assurance measures ensure that a high standard of works is achieved by our teams and subcontractors at all times. We carefully select the products we use and partner with suppliers and contractors who align with our values and quality standards.

We are also a Zero Harm business and take a highly tailored approach to workplace health and safety that ensures no individual (employee or not) is exposed to potential harm. All our staff and contractors deserve to return home safe and without injury at the end of every day, and we actively tailor our OH&S policies to ensure this is the case.