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Why You Need a Building and Pest Inspection Service

When it comes to investing in a property, whether it’s a home or a commercial space, ensuring its structural integrity and safety is paramount. This is where a professional building and pest inspection service becomes invaluable.

10 Creative Home Renovation Ideas to Refresh Your Living Space

Are you tired of the same old look in your home? Maybe you’re getting itchy feet and thinking it might be time to move on in search of something that’s more ‘you’? Instead of going through the hassle of listing, selling, packing and moving, maybe it’s time to consider a renovation! Whether you’re looking to… View Article

Austen Building Group: Your Partner in Building Resilient Homes

If you’re looking for a builder in Brisbane to assist with making your home flood resilient through the the Queensland Government’s Resilient Homes Fund, look no further than Austen Building Group.

Formerly ICM Project Solutions

“After 12-months of planning we are excited to announce big changes to I.C.M. Maintenance Pty Ltd trading as I.C.M. Project Solutions.  Effective from 9 January 2023, ICM Project Solutions will change its name and officially become Austen Building Group Pty Ltd in line with our corporate strategies. Returning in the new year under our new… View Article

Who’s Involved in a Home and Contents Claim?

Let’s be honest, lodging an insurance claim always feels like it comes at the worst possible time – whether you’ve just gone back to work, the kids are on school holidays, or you’ve got relatives making their annual pilgrimage across the border for a planned vacation. In saying that, we all live busy lives and… View Article

What’s a Wind Rating and Does My Home Have One?

As like everything else in 2020, this year continues to throw curveballs our way as we prepare for the increased likelihood of a La Niña weather event majorly impacting the Northern and Eastern areas of the Australian continent. As of Tuesday, 29 September 2020 the Bureau of Meteorology have now advised that we are in… View Article

The Importance of Setting a Budget and Planning Before Renovating

So, you’ve decided you finally want to add that fourth bedroom extension out the back. Where do you start – what do you do from here? Has your finance been approved, or have you saved up for the expected costs that you have estimated? All too commonly the actual costs of what you want to… View Article

Insurance Repair: Restore the Aesthetic

We are all human, which can guarantee that accidents are commonplace in our day-to-day lives. Whether it be something minor and insignificant, or something major, I am yet to meet anyone who can honestly hold their head high and say “I have never accidentally damaged anything” – or more importantly, “I have never made a… View Article

Understanding Infection Control and Clinical Impact

I have been working with ICM Project Solutions for 6 years, closely and meticulously completing over 1,500 projects which span from minor patch and repair works through to complete upgrades and modifications for QLD Health. In my time working within the spectrum of QLD Health, some things change, but some things stay the same –… View Article