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9Round Bowen Hills Fit Out

Lift Brands | November 2018
Lift Brands engaged ICM Project Solutions to complete the 9Round Bowen Hills project, which encompassed a complete fit-out, including acoustic flooring, unique innowood facade and digital numbered lighting which is the first of its kind in the country.


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Brisbane, Qld
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Lift Brands engaged ICM Project Solutions to complete the 9Round Bowen Hills project, which encompassed a complete fit-out, including acoustic flooring, unique innowood facade and digital numbered lighting which is the first of its kind in the country. This is also the largest completed 9Round to date. Located in the newly renovated King Street district in Bowen Hills, this trendy fitness facility stands to service the growing community of Bowen Hills, Newstead and Fortitude Valley as high density housing continues to explode in popularity in Brisbane’s central suburbs.


9Round had selected this new site to deliver a new corporate facility within the emerging Bowen Hills residential and lifestyle precinct in Brisbane, Qld.

The site, being a completely bare shell had several challenges for the client to overcome to meet their design and layout requirements, including access, amenities, services and adhesion to the 9Round Corporate Guidelines.

Owner ‘Lift Brands’ also required the site to be completed to the highest standard to showcase the quality of the gyms and fit out to potential franchisees and new gym members.

Additionally, with the site based in a Lend Lease community, it was a requirement that ICM Project Solutions carried out works within the specific requirements of a Lend Lease environment.


ICM Project Solutions worked closely with both Lift Brands, the landlord and Lend Lease very early on in the planning to identify any immediate obstacles, potential issues or restrictions that may arise or affect the construction phase.

Additionally, our experienced project works team worked closely with Life Brands to plan the most effective fit out that would also meet the 9Round Corporate Brand Guidelines.

Our approach was to bring the expertise of our team, our preferred contractors and the client together to ensure the identified challenges were understood and the approach agreed by all parties.
This consultative, transparent approach helped ensure the smooth delivery of the fit out to meet the club’s opening date.


One of the biggest challenges of this project was working within a restricted programme and amongst other major construction activities in this very central CBD location. With a consultative approach, ICM Project Solutions proactively managed and coordinated numerous project stakeholders and trades to ensure minimal disruption to surrounding business, roads and construction.

As a showcase site, we also worked with Lift Brands to implement the first fully integrated gym technology system allowing gym staff to operate security, lighting, air-conditioning and music for the club from a mobile Tablet..

On completion of the project, Lift Brands were very impressed with the fit out noting that “several features including the highlight wallpaper walls were the best we have seen” in any of clubs.