Formerly ICM Project Solutions icm

Formerly ICM Project Solutions

20 December 2022

“After 12-months of planning we are excited to announce big changes to I.C.M. Maintenance Pty Ltd trading as I.C.M. Project Solutions.  Effective from 9 January 2023, ICM Project Solutions will change its name and officially become Austen Building Group Pty Ltd in line with our corporate strategies.

Returning in the new year under our new name, Austen Building Group Pty Ltd is a fresh identity built on a history of proven experience.  Our ethos is to serve the needs of our clients by combining our quality and trusted service with a holistic understanding of their unique aspirations.

The decision to change our name was not taken lightly, involving careful consideration and planning to develop our new brand name, positioning, and identity.

Our decision was to change our name to match our current growth trajectory, feeling we had outgrown the acronym of ‘ICM’ (Industrial Construction and Maintenance) as not being true to our current and ever-growing service offering. With that in mind, we wanted to position our brand to be in-line with what we actually are – a building group.

The name ‘ICM’ – in one form or another – has been our identity for the past 12-years of operation and we have grown immensely under this banner, completing thousands of projects across private, industrial, commercial and government sectors. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved as ICM Project Solutions, but it’s now time for us to welcome an exciting new chapter in the history of our business and continue growing as Austen Building Group.

The company name, directorship and structures of the company, such as the ABN, ACN and QBCC Licence as well as current contracts and other agreements will remain unchanged.

We’re excited to continue working with you into the future as Austen Building Group!”

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